from adventure climbing to mixed, dry and multi-pitch

The iceGuides are your exclusive and professional partner for all matters around ice!

Four highly qualified, state-certified mountain and ski guides from East Tyrol all have the same passion and are happy to share their knowledge and skills with winter sports enthusiasts!

adventure ice climbing

Experience the world of ice climbing first hand, with your family, with children, in groups or as an individual. East Tyrol and the Ice Park East Tyrol offer the perfect conditions!


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beginners - ice climbing level 1

You will set a foundation for ice climbing with this course. Setting up a toprope station independently as well as the handling of the ice climbing equipment are the main goals of this course. 


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lead climbing - ice climbing level 2

After a couple of days of ice climbing you are now ready to take the first few metres on ice by yourself, take the sharp end of the rope into your hand and take the lead.


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multi-pitch - ice climbing level 3

Having already gained some experience as a lead climber on ice, your spectrum expands to the multi-rope routes and to the "real" ice falls.


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mixed, dry, multi-pitch - ice climbing level 4

Over 30 years ago, mixed climbing was developed as the new limit of what is technically possible on ice and rock. The iceGuides carry out this activity quite often, and count several first ascents of mixed routes to their achievements.


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rescue techniques for ice climbers

Who among us has not been in a remote valley or ditch before and had no mobile phone signal? Probably everyone after the third or fourth trip.


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avalanche training for ice climbers

Due to global warming over the past years and decades, the higher icefalls are becoming more and more interesting for ice climbers.


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