adventure climbing

adventure ice

adventure climbing - trial climbing get a first feeling for the ice

Experience the world of ice at first hand, with your family, with children, in groups or as an individual. East Tyrol and the Ice Park East Tyrol offer the perfect conditions!

Waterfall ice climbing is an incredibly thrilling sport, and we would like to invite you to take your first steps together with the experienced iceGuides. Based in East Tyrol, the iceGuides are not only state-certified mountain and ski guides, but also experts in ice climbing.


We offer full-day, half-day and floodlight adventure climbing, which is ideal for groups and individuals. As the name suggests, our focus lies on experience and lots of fun!

The entire equipment is provided by us so that there is as little effort as possible for you. Adventure ice climbing is suitable for everyone who is looking for a winter activity. Again and again we get the feedback from guests that the ice climbing session with the iceGuides has been the highlight of their winter week in East Tyrol!





Minimum Price

€ 75,00



Ganztags- Erlebniseisklettern (Dauer ca. 6 Stunden)


ab 90,00 €

Halbtags - Erlebniseisklettern, d.h. Vormittag od. Nachmittag (Dauer ca.3 Stunden)


ab 75,00 €

Flutlicht - Erlebniseisklettern (Dauer ca. 3 Stunden)


ab 75,00 €

Not included:
travel expenses, accommodation costs and food, travel insurance, clothes
Equitment rental fee (Helmet, Harness, Crampons, Iceaxees) 10€/person/day


full-day or half-day adventure ice climbing: each day from December to March


floodlight adventure ice climbing: each Wednesday from December to March (also on other weekdays on request)


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Camping Edengarten

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Hotel Outside

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Eispark Osttirol

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Hotel Hinteregger

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apparel and equipment list

Technical material is NOT included in the price (10€/person/day)

Since we do not climb constantly, there can be "standing times" in cold temperatures, so make sure to bring along enough warm clothes - one cools down quite quickly!

We recommend you bring light clothing of varying thickness to achieve an "onion system" for greater comfort. Cotton is not suitable as it quickly becomes cold upon getting wet. Skiing apparel, however, works well. Our recommendation: warm merino underwear and a fast warming down jacket.

We recommend:

  • long underwear (bottom and top), synthetic, merino or wool
  • warm pants (lined or fleece)
  • warm fleece or long sleeve shirt (not cotton)
  • lined jacket or vest, preferably down jacket
  • waterproof jacket with hood (Gore-Tex or nylon)
  • waterproof pants (Gore-Tex or nylon)
  • socks (merino or ski socks)
  • woolen cap or lined cap that protects your ears and fits under a helmet
  • waterproof climbing gloves (2 pairs)
  • solid mountain boots (in exceptional cases ski boots are also possible)
  • gaiters if necessary
  • Buff (neck protection)
  • a minimum 25 litre backpack (space for clothing, snacks, drinks, climbing equipment)
  • sun protection (glasses and cream)
  • thermos or water bottle (already full!!!!)
  • camera
  • personal medicine

If you want to take your own technical material with you: (otherwise rental equipment included in the price)

  • crampons: must fit the shoes and be easily adjustable, with vertical front teeth
  • climbing harness: always with adjustable leg loops
  • climbing helmet
  • ice axe: steep ice axe
  • screw carabines
  • backup device: reverso, ATC or similar